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Handle Product Information

  • Cleaning goods
    Equipment and consumables used for cleaning / cleaning / hygiene include miscellaneous items, disinfection supplies, and cleaning tools.
  • Construction/ Equipment Repairs
    MRO materials used in building maintenance include tools, metal/non-metal materials and construction materials
  • Heavy Tools
    Devices used to manufacture, repair, assemble, weld products. Includes hand tools, power/air and cutting tools, etc.
  • Machinery Parts
    Minimum unit of machinery components that connect machines without power. Includes bearings, brackets, seals, and bolts.
  • Power Device
    Component that generates power, and transfers that power to machinery. Includes gears, belts, chains, etc.
  • Office Supplies
    Items used in general offices include furniture / tributaries and peripheral office supplies / hot water supplies.
  • OA
    Consumables, accessories compatible to work computers and office devices. Includes computers, printers, shredders, etc.
  • Production
    Machinery and components required for industrial products, includes powered transportation components, mold components, conveyor rollers, etc.
  • Fire/Safety
    Equipment and clean items for fire fighting and industrial location safety prevention. Includes safety boots, fire extinguishers, gloves, etc.
  • Test/Measure
    Test equipment such as measuring and analysis equipment used in labs includes physical measuring devices, reagents, testing devices.
  • Hydro/AC/Fluid
    Piping, A/C, etc. for piping mats and ventilation/fluid transport and control functions by oil/air pressure.
  • Elec&Components
    Elec and power components are industrial and peripheral products for generating/transmitting/converting electric/electronic signals.
  • Electronic Prod.
    Electronic accessories (video/sound/comm/lighting etc) which includes video/audio equipment, lighting equipment and electronic products.
  • Packing / Storage
    Boxes, bands, trays, tapes, etc.necessary for storing goods such as material loading, circulation, rotation and warehouse.
  • Chemistry
    Various chemical matters and raw materials used in the production, maintenance/repair of equipment. Includes gas, fuel, oil, refrigerants, etc.
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    How can I register as a supplier for Serveone?

    Select the [Membership Registration] button at the top and proceed with registration. Your company will be registered as potential partner, and upon approval by one of our purchasing managers, your status will be upgraded to full member.

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    How do I check my registration status?

    If you click the [Check Registration Status] button at the top, you can check your status. "Processing complete" appears on final completion.

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    How can I find my password?

    After selecting the [ID/password search] button at the top, select [Find you vendor ID/password] to search.

Business Area

Consumable Material

Consumables required for maintenance Indirect materials not directly related to production which are low in importance but have many management points, and materials required for maintenance of the plant.

Production Material

Refers to subsidiary materials which can be classified into 2 groups:
① Order made exclusive sub materials for a specific company and
② General sub materials used by more than one companies


Serveone, with its know-how specializing in promotional items offers a wide range of products from product sourcing to strategic items depending on the purpose and difficulty of the product.


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